Cumin properties

CuminCumin properties

Cumin is a windbreak and anti-bloat. Removes moisture and strengthens the stomach and liver.

Stimulates appetite and causes weight loss.

With the effect on the stomach's nerve, it prevents hiccups. Eliminates the spleen and heals diarrhea. On the other hand, it is also a treatment for constipation. Increases lactation and increases sexual desire because it has sex hormones. It affects the amount of bleeding and bleeding from menstruation. Enhances sweat and eliminates the bad odor and has a disinfectant and microbial property.

Do not overdo the consumption of cumin

Cumin has a tremendous effect on thyroid hormone secretion and increases the amount of secretions. It is therefore very helpful for people suffering from hypothyroidism. But people who are thin and have thyroid should not be overweight because they have hyperthyroidism. In general, cumin helps to digest food and eliminates seizures and vibrations, but should be consumed appropriately.Cumin, a seed by the height of 40 cm.  So fragrant that it is used as the spice and flavor for bread, food, and confection. Some use its seed, and some use its powder on the fruits and cheese. The nature of this seed is warm. Rich in ، B2، B3، B9، C، E ، K vitamins and other minerals like: Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphor, potassium, and sodium.

Health benefits:     

Cumin, from any type, strengthens the body, and make it more by combining with honey.

Eating cumin leads to fortify the stomach. Helps more sweating. Women who breastfeed, by eating cumin, can produce more milk.Also it is helpful for young women menstruation.

If nervous, do not hesitate to eat Cumin. It is anti-Spam, too. Can prevent Hiccups.

However, so fruitful, do not exceed in eating Cumin, which may lead in turning color of face to Yellow.

What you see in 100 G. of Cumin: 



saturated fat





06/8 g.

81/17 g.

53/1 g.

27/22 g.

25/2 g.

24/44 g.

370 k. calorie


Mix cumin with other ingredients

- If you soak cumin in vinegar and drink vinegar, shortness of breath and choking feel.

- If the bean flour is powdered and dusted and placed on the wrists, inflammation destroys the vomit.

The mixture of cumin with honey increases lust and energy.

If cooked with meat, it will reduce the disadvantages of the meat and make the food more delicious.

Mixing it with rice and other foods causes weight loss, because it is very hot, it eliminates any type of swelling and obesity.


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